3M™ DBI-SALA® Talon SRL - 8ft Web with Quick Connector for Harness Mounting and

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  • Built-in connector for direct attachment to harness -The compact size and quick connector makes this SRL perfect to replace traditional lanyards, giving you greater mobility and reducing free fall for added safety.
  • 8 ft. 1" nylon web lifeline
  • Self-locking swivel snap hook - Automatically locks and closes for added safety, and swivels to limit lifeline twisting for ease of use
  • Compact, lightweight design - Device weighs about the same as a standard shock absorbing lanyard making it ideal for direct connection to your harness
  • Tough and impact resistant thermoplastic housing
  • Anti-ratcheting design - Stays locked on rigid and non-rigid (horizontal lifeline) anchors for added safety
  • Extremely durable all metal braking system - An all steel design provides a strong, consistent and reliable locking mechanism for a higher level of safety
  • Velocity sensing brake - Designed for smooth consistent operation allowing the user to maintain normal work pace and not be interrupted with constant lock ups.
  • Impact indicator - A rip-stitch indicator on the lifeline provides a visual alert that the SRL has been involved in a fall.
  • Serviceable design - Device can be repaired versus throwing away assuring safety, extending product life and reducing cost of ownership.
  • i-Safe™ equipped - A built-in RFID identification tag helps the user record and store information on inspections.
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