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The Antenna WASP utilizes a wireless interface between the antenna's Sensor Pod and the Data Collector at the base of the tower or nearby communication facility. Any changes in the antenna, orientation is transmitted and via SNMP, the Data Collector forwards this information to the wireless carriers NOCC, RF engineers and/or operations personnel as needed.

Offers virtually real time antenna alignment monitoring on all wireless network antenna arrays. Patented technology allows network operators the ability to login to a specific communication facility and view the history of all physical antenna changes.

Each antenna can be individually identified on a tower or throughout the entire network. Via robust remote monitoring software, a network operator has the ability to set thresholds for changes in azimuth, tilt and roll. When these thresholds are exceeded, an alarm will be generated and the operator will be notified immediately. If an undesired change occurs, an operator can act quickly to restore communications to optimal performance.

Installation is an easy 3 step process, designed with the technician in mind. An average 9-antenna site can be installed and operational within one hour.

Every Antenna WASP sensor is designed to surpass performance standards required for wireless monitoring products. It has a battery lifetime of 10 + years and strictly enforces waterproof sealing standards IP67.

With the purchase of an Antenna WASP System comes lifetime support, including training, software and field support.

WASP Specs:

• Operating Voltage: 3.3VDC
• Lithium Battery with a 10+ year life
• Accuracy:
-Azimuth (relative): 1.0°RMS*
-Mechanical tilt: 0.4°RMS
-Roll (skew): 0.4°RMS
-More info on data sheet on brochure
• Communications:
-Zigbee 802.15.4.2006
-FCC Part 15 compliant
-IC & CE compliant
-2.4 GHz unlicensed
• Operating temperature: -40°F to 158°F (40°C to 158F), Weather proof IP 67
• Wireless Range From Antenna Sensor to Data Collector: 100M (up to 328 ft.)
• Remote Monitoring
• Alarm capabilities
-User defined alarming Thresholds
-3D Antenna view
• Dimensions: 3.37 in L x 2.25 in W x 0.5 in H-Weight: 4 oz (113.4 grs)
• Adheres to Antenna with High strength instant bonding tape
-Extreme temperature and UV resistant
-20+ year bonding history

Easy 3-Step Installation Process:
1.Install 3Z Antenna WASP Data Collector into tower cabinet
2. Adhere upto 18 WASP Sensors on antennas on a single tower which communication to the Data Collector
3. Install External Antenna (included with WASP Data Collector)

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