A Day in the Life of a Lineman

While much of the population heads off to their office jobs, others find demanding physical labor positions more satisfying. Putting their own lives at risk each day, these jobs are some of the most dangerous in the world. This is especially the case for our own neighborhood linemen, as the work is taxing, and the fall risk is high.

A day in the life of a lineman

The day of any lineman begins early. This allows them to suit up and get ready for the day without interference from rush-hour traffic. They perform brief inspections on their gear to ensure it can handle the work ahead and secure themselves into their harnesses. Once prepared, they check where they’re needed and make their way to the job site. Being on time each morning is crucial as the success of the day’s work relies on the entire team being present and ready to go. This job also often requires them to be on call and ready to respond to an emergency power outage as it’s happening.

Linemen are typically a tight-knit group that relies on one another to watch for dangers on the job. These hazards can appear with little notice and turn a routine climb into a disaster. As such, it’s important that each lineman prepares for the changing weather patterns and has a plan for how to respond in an emergency.

But as far as a typical day goes for linemen, there are no typical days. Each new workday can come with a series of different hazards and a variety of different working conditions. Linemen each work on a network of power lines that fuel our homes across the nation. Whether the line broke, is sagging, or needs replacing, these professionals are responsible for installing and maintaining them to prevent outages. Therefore, each lineman needs to adapt to these varying situations and have a strong knowledge of how to fix what they’re working on.

Single jobs can take as long as all day in harsh conditions, making the process tedious and repetitive at times. These jobs are physically and mentally demanding. As such, they require resilient and dedicated works who can push through their own discomfort to get the job done right.


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