Careers that Require Climbing Equipment

Though many participate in climbing activities as a hobby, it doesn’t have to be for climbing enthusiasts. In fact, various careers use this activity to perform a plethora of important tasks. If you’re interested in turning an exciting activity into a salaried position, check out these careers that require climbing equipment.

Tower Climber

Commonly found on construction sites, tower climbers are primarily responsible for assisting with various installation and maintenance tasks around a job site. Many of these tasks, however, deal with installing the required electrical equipment—often running, securing, and testing connections to ensure safety. These positions also often involve using lifting and rigging equipment to move machinery safely and efficiently, reducing workplace injury risk.


Once tower climbers install the necessary machinery on a tower, it’s a lineman’s job to properly maintain working conditions around the tower. Their daily tasks often include removing vegetation from the electrical lines, fixing broken lines after storms, and reporting any concerns to local utility companies. It’s important to remember that this position can often put you at additional risk, as you’ll be handling damaged electrical wires.

Climbing Arborists

Experienced climbers can also pursue a career as an arborist. For climbing positions, this often means maintaining large trees and ensuring that they meet the client’s expectations. This job also requires that individuals operate heavy equipment and properly dispose of the access trimmings in an orderly manner.

Rescue Climber

Though all climbers are trained in safety before they’re allowed to work, it’s essential that there’s a rescue climber to help in a crisis. Whether it’s on a job site or out on a trail, rescue climbers are required to patrol the climbing site and ensure that the climber isn’t in any danger. In an emergency, these climbers are tasked with going up to retrieve the individual in distress.

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