Desired Skills of Tower Climbers

It’s no secret that the tower-climbing industry is one of the most demanding fields an individual can pursue. Filled with dangers and trials that can push anyone to their limits, a career as a tower climber isn’t for the faint of heart or will. As such, before a person can become one of these dedicated workers, they must develop a few essential skills. These are some of the desired skills of tower climbers, and how they’re honed and tested in the field.

Problem-Solving Skills

Every tower climber will come across problems to solve on the job, and they need to be equipped to do so. This involves fully assessing a situation, listing a series of potential solutions, and choosing the method that seems the most likely to work. Having the ability to quickly go through this process and fix problems is a key component in ensuring the day’s tasks are completed effectively.

Leadership Skills

Along with solid problem-solving skills, leadership qualities can help you keep your head cool when under pressure. Though some tower climbers will be more proficient at being leaders than others, employing a base set of leadership skills can also put others at ease in a difficult situation. This makes it easier for the team to recover from momentary setbacks and push ahead with their work.

Communication Skills

Because tower climbers work in a team, they must communicate effectively with their peers. This can prevent potentially dangerous situations from occurring as well as foster positive team relations and camaraderie. Good communication skills also ensure that the entire team is on the same page for a job and can, therefore, function as a cohesive, productive unit.

Skills Honed From Experience

Whether it’s knowing how to properly use tower-climbing gear or the differences between specific types of towers, some skills can only be gained through experience. Specialized training is required before any new tower climber can begin their work, and only certified climbers can perform certain tasks. Some base background requirements for tower climbers often include experience with electrical work, OSHA safety training, and core knowledge of specific types of towers.

Whether you’re a veteran tower climber or a new hire, we at Midwest Unlimited want to see you succeed. That’s why we’ve set out to provide tower-climbing professionals with the proper tower-climbing equipment and tools to help them with their work.