Essential Tower Climber Fall Protection Items

Many factors go into making a work environment safe for its workers—one of the most important being the equipment available. For tower climbers, in particular, fall risk is often high. As such, it’s crucial that each employee is given the necessary tools to keep themselves safe in hazardous conditions. These are some of the most essential tower climber fall protection items to have on any job.

Full-Body Harnesses

Your full-body harness is designed to equally disperse your weight to keep you comfortable, contained, and supported if you end up slipping and falling on the job. This support is essential, since the average job takes place at least 200 feet above the ground. As such, having these devices and wearing them correctly is key to preventing a tragic accident.

Fall Protection Lanyards

For the average tower climber, equipping fall protection lanyards can further cushion your fall and absorb some of the shock from recoiling against your tether. This further reduces injury likelihood and gives you peace of mind as you go about your work. Remember that energy-absorbing lanyards are often more suited for personal fall arrest systems and will need to be adjusted if you switch to a work positioning system.


Lifelines are extremely versatile and can be equipped to any established anchorage point along a job site. Protected with pulleys and clasps to start and stop your climb, you’ll have more control over how fast you’re moving and where you can stop to work. In the event of a fall, lifelines are designed to stop almost immediately and cut off your active descent. These ropes are also strengthened to hold up against the harsh weather conditions on a tower while still handling your body weight.


For your lifelines to work properly, they need to have an anchor point to attach to. Anchor connectors are large, metal leverage hooks that get secured to stable surfaces up the length of a tower. Each anchor can be connected with a lifeline to help a climber reach their destination safely. On towers, these anchors are typically tied with intricate knots to create a firm hold on the slippery steel.

Rope and Wire Grabs

Your rope and wire grabs are the tools that allow you to climb at all. While lifelines and lanyards act as protection if you happen to fall, your grabs are what allow you to climb at a steady pace. In clasping the rope or wire as you ascend, you’ll reduce the amount of slack along your line and maintain a steadier climb.

Whether you’re taking on a standard tower climbing job or work that requires specialty equipment, Midwest Unlimited has the options you’re looking for. Our stock has everything required on a job site to keep you safe—from full-body tower harnesses to professional-grade fall protection lanyards.