Harness Safety Training Basics Fall Protection Guidelines

Every day, linemen workers put their lives on the line to do the job they love. They work at great heights, and the risk of falling and suffering serious injury, or even death, is high. It’s for this reason that companies across the globe use fall protection devices to reduce the chances that their employees will get hurt on the job. These harness safety training basics are essential to keep you and your co-workers safe as you go about your careers.

Recognizing Possible Hazards

Before you begin to climb the scaffolding, it’s important to take note of any potential hazards in the area, so you can consciously avoid them. Some of the leading causes of falls in the workplace include losing balance, the support moving or giving way, stepping in a hole, and surfaces breaking underfoot. Depending on whether you’re a lineman or a construction worker, you may experience a different combination of these hazards daily.

Checking the Harness Before Wearing

While new hires tend to be more aware of safety regulations, this can change once they get comfortable in their role. You always want to remember to check your safety harness for damage and strength before you wear it. Since these harnesses are used for grueling daily work and are exposed to the elements, they’re subject to decay just like your other equipment. Doing this quick check of the harness’s security could save you from a disastrous fall later.

Wearing the Harness

Improperly wearing your safety harness can lead to an uneven distribution of your weight while in the air. This can hinder your comfort and increase the chances that you’ll slip out of the harness as you climb. Depending on the harness you’ll use for the job, make sure to tighten every strap until they’re snug without being so tight they cut off circulation.

Securing Yourself Properly

Once you’re satisfied that your harness is in good condition and adjusted to fit your frame, it’s crucial that you properly secure yourself to the tether. This process often includes repeated checks of the line before you begin to climb to ensure the equipment is strong and can hold your full weight. Remember, if you notice any signs that your connection to the line may be unstable, descend and double-check right away.

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