How Much Weight Can a Safety Harness Support?

Hardworking professionals come in all shapes and sizes, so you must have all the information on how to best keep them safe. For larger workers, this often requires you to adhere to stricter weight regulations when using certain harnesses. Learn how much weight a safety harness can support and how to abide by these regulations in the workplace.

Due to specific testing guidelines and regulations for a fall protection system, the average weight limit of a standard harness is a little over 300 pounds. However, it’s important to note that this limit can vary depending on the type of harness and the manufacturer who created it. While most standard harnesses cover a weight range from 130 to 310 pounds, it’s not guaranteed that every harness you purchase will cover the same range.

These potential discrepancies mean that you should turn to the harness manufacturer when trying to identify the limits of certain models. Since only the manufacturer can tell you with complete certainty of the product’s restrictions, always reference the harness tags to obtain this information. If the tag wore away with use and is no longer legible, then you need to remove the harness from service. You can also find the required information by looking up the serial number through the manufacturer’s database.

There is a high fall risk for professional climbers regardless of how much they weigh—but larger workers need to remain especially diligent to stay safe. Whether you’re a tower climber or a lineman, it’s crucial that your harness can properly support your body weight—especially if you have a larger body type. Otherwise, you put yourself and those around you at risk for a tragic accident.

We at Midwest Unlimited seek to provide you with the sturdiest possible climbing harnesses to ensure that you’re always supported and safe. In addition to our harnesses, we also provide other useful climbing gear, such as anchorage points for tower climbers and climbing spike pads for linemen.