How to Choose a Fall Protection Harness

While fall protection equipment is made to be reliable, improper care or storage can cause the materials to quickly break down and fall apart. Since using these deteriorating materials can potentially put your safety at risk, you may need to get into the habit of purchasing new ones. To make the most of your purchase, follow these tips for buying proper fall protection harness.

Choose the Application

Before you can buy the required harness for a job, it’s crucial to know the job you’ll perform. This step will often be very clear, as you’ll already understand your specific role and what work you’ll need to do. Your profession will directly correlate with specific materials and make it easier for you to choose. For instance, those working as linemen will need to use different types of harnesses than individuals working in construction.

Decide on Materials and Price

Once you find the right harness for your job, you need to decide which materials you want the hardware to be made from. Different metals, such as steel or aluminum, have varying weights and prices. Steel, for one, tends to be cheaper than aluminum, but it’s also significantly heavier. This can become a problem when safety guidelines limit how much your equipment can weigh.

Experiment with Different Harness Sizes

It’s also important to note that each harness manufacturer has a different sizing format for their products. As such, you may need to try on various harness sizes to find one that properly fits you. Be sure to also consider the number of D-rings each harness has. Typically, lineman harnesses will need all six D-rings, while construction workers may only need three.

Pick a Comfortable Connection

There are three connection layouts for you to choose from. Though each performs the same job effectively, their different designs allow you to personalize your comfort and range of motion. The quick connect system, for starters, is considered the most efficient harness to put on and connect. But if you need more materials attached to your harness, consider a tongue buckle or pass-through buckle instead.

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