Lesser-Known Safety Tips for Tower Climbers

If you work in the tower climbing profession, you’re already familiar with standard safety procedures, such as keeping in contact and using the proper equipment. However, there are a variety of other precautions you can take to keep yourself safe on the job. Practice a few of these lesser-known safety tips for tower climbers.

Create a Climbing Plan

After years of experience in the industry, each climb might seem routine and mundane. However, hazards can set in with little warning—what once seemed normal can quickly become dangerous. For this reason, it’s important to generate a plan for each climb, including what you’ll be doing and what the potential hazards are.

Turn off RF Emitters

Radiofrequency, or RF, signals are present near every cellphone or radio tower. As such, they’re a common occurrence on an average working day. In proximity, these signals can cause tower climbers to get burns and even fall ill. To reduce your risk, you should lower or turn off the RF emitter on your tower before you begin your work.

Wear an Alarm

In addition to your issued tower safety equipment, it’s also a good idea to arm yourself with a way to alert your coworkers in an emergency. These alarms can detect RF signals and notify you if their energy reaches dangerous levels. This can help you, and your peers, stay safe by steering everyone clear of the hazardous areas.

Give Yourself Regular Physicals

Before each climb, it’s crucial that you assess your physical state and whether you’re healthy enough for the job. Ensuring that you’re energetic and strong enough for the task will put you at less risk for error as well as reduce your overall stress. Overall, this step will also keep you in the proper shape and allow you to stay informed on your physical health.

Since each workday can contain unique hazards and dangers, you must have the tools to keep yourself safe. At Midwest Unlimited, we understand this necessity and seek to provide you with high-quality equipment that you can rely on.