The Importance of Fall Protection

When you work in the tower maintenance field, the risk of workplace accidents is just another part of the job. But whether you’re 10 or over 100 feet above the ground, the chance of falling is very real for all who suit up for a climb. As such, it’s crucial that all involved understand the importance of fall protection to properly cater to workers’ needs.

Unfortunately, falls are still one of the leading causes of workplace injuries to this day. No matter what the conditions are on the tower, or how skilled the climber is, every worker will still experience a close call at some point in their career. However, while everyone will undoubtedly have a close call or two, the important part is that these incidents remain close calls rather than become a tragic accident. This is where fall protection comes into play.

Whether you’re a business owner or a climber, you have the legal responsibility to account for each potential hazard and take steps to mitigate the risk of an accident. One of these steps is to provide each employee with fall protection equipment. The proper fall protection tools can not only stop someone in the event of a fall, but it can also help someone recover and prevent a fall entirely. This is key for maintaining the safety of all employees. It benefits their peace of mind, physical health, and ensures that the company is within standard OSHA guidelines.

While some workers might not see the need to wear this equipment, the law requires businesses to encourage them to do so. Climbers that refuse to wear the proper gear simply won’t participate in the job—otherwise, a business could face serious legal repercussions. Though wearing fall protection equipment won’t completely negate all risks involved in a climb, these precautions reduce the amount of tower climber accidents each year.

Whether you need the proper fall protection equipment or high-quality rigging gear for your employees, Midwest Unlimited has the tools you’re looking for. Our plentiful stock of items can cater to a variety of work environments and help protect everyone on the job from various worksite hazards.