The Purpose of Positioning Devices

Whether a worker is performing tasks 10 or 200 feet above the ground, they rely on their equipment to be able to do their job safely. With heavy tools strapped to their bags and supportive lanyards keeping them safe from a fall, there are a lot of intricate, moving parts that go into making a successful day. A tower climber’s work positioning equipment is one of these very parts. Though professionals more commonly use fall arrest systems, work positioning gear plays a key role in how much freedom there is to finish a task.

The Purpose of Positioning Devices & Why They’re Important to the Tower Climbing Job

Overall, a work positioning device can safely hold a climber in a fixed location while allowing a full range of motion for them to complete their job. This usually consists of an established anchorage point at the worksite, a body support system, and positioning lanyards as a means of connecting the two. When hooked up properly, a tower climber should have the freedom to use their hands and tools while remaining secured against the anchorage point. In fact, workers should adjust body harness systems only allow a free fall distance of two feet as a way to stay within reach of the anchor.

It’s also important to note that work positioning systems aren’t the only ones used on a tower. While they’re often crucial to keeping a worker safe, they’re the most effective when used in tandem with a fall arrest system. As such, each person needs to be aware of what they need at each given time and how those systems function together.

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