What Are the Different Types of Sling

Every job needs the proper gear, tools, and materials to progress effectively and efficiently. Material transportation and handling is one of the main keys to keeping a tower climber’s day running smoothly. A crucial part of this system, slings handle the bulk of the lifting and pulling work, and because of this, they need to stand up to various work conditions. Take a minute to learn what the different types of slings are and which ones to use for your specific project.

Chain Slings

Strangely-shaped or overheated loads commonly use chain slings as they’re adaptable and strong. It’s important to remember, however, that while they can stand up to the heat, they’ll need special care when lifting to avoid getting damaged. Sudden shocks can also damage chain slings, so work with caution as you use them.

Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope is woven out of several individual wires twisted to form reinforced strands. These strands are then twisted to form wire rope and shaped into sturdy slings. Depending on whether the rope has a fiber core or a wire one, these slings can resist heat like chain slings, but they have greater strength.

Metal Mesh Slings

These slings are commonly made from either carbon steel, stainless steel, or alloy steel—each material has lots of strength and flexibility. These materials also often get infused with other compounds, such as elastomer, to make them more adaptable to certain loads. Make sure to keep in mind that these slings can’t stretch too much, and those with elastomer have a lower heat tolerance than those without.

Natural Fiber Rope Slings

Not as resistant to chemicals and acid as some other materials, natural fiber rope is still wonderful for projects that need flexibility and shock absorption. They also tend to have a long lifespan because they aren’t abrasive and can withstand most conditions if cared for properly.

Synthetic Fiber Rope Slings

Offering some of the same traits as natural rope but with higher strength, synthetic fiber rope is a versatile tool for various projects. It’s also more resistant to humidity, making them easier to store and care for when not in use. Keep in mind, though, that acids and chemicals can still damage them.

Synthetic Web Slings

These slings are extremely lightweight and easy to handle as their materials aren’t abrasive or dangerous to skin. Since they’re made from artificial fibers, they also aren’t as affected by grease, oil, moisture, or mild chemicals as natural materials. However, because they can’t grip as much as chain or wire rope, you’ll need to closely monitor their weight limits.

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