What Items Do Tower Climbers Wear?

Being able to do the job of a tower climber has just as much to do with the equipment you use as the level of experience and skill you have. Without the proper clothing and gear, you’re putting yourself, your team, and the job at serious risk. As such, each professional is required to wear the designated gear in order to perform a task and complete the job at hand. Learn what tower climbers wear and why each component is crucial to their safety.

Weather-Conscious Clothing

The weather conditions on a jobsite can greatly affect how safe the climber is while up on the tower. In fact, winds and temperatures often worsen the higher you are off the ground. Because of this, each worker needs to think about how they’re going to compensate for the weather as they’re getting ready to leave. If the standard work jeans and long-sleeved shirt won’t provide you with enough warmth up on the tower, consider wearing additional layers.

Gloves and Work Boots

Tower climbers are also required to wear special work gloves and boots as they climb to help them maintain enough traction during the ascent. Though these items are primarily made with this purpose, they’re also good at trapping your body heat in lower temperatures and maintaining your range of motion. However, it’s important to note that a climber can put a lot of wear and tear on these items, and it can become dangerous to use them once the traction pads have worn off. So be sure to replace them immediately when this happens.

Regulation Helmets

Whether it’s to cushion your head during a fall or to protect it from dropped tools above, a helmet is key in preventing a serious head injury. As such, it’s not only important that you wear a helmet, but also that it properly fits your head. Ill-fitting headgear can easily slip around as you’re moving and block your vision as well as fail to fully protect your head. It’s for this reason that you should take the time to find the right size helmet to ensure a snug fit.

Tower-Climbing Gear

In addition to a worker’s clothing items, they’re also required to wear regulation tower-climbing safety gear to best protect them in the event of a fall. Unfortunately, falling is a common cause of workplace injury in this field, and items like harnesses, vertical lifelines, and fall protection lanyards are key. Each of these tools works together to support your weight and catch you during a fall without limiting your range of motion as you climb.