Petzl® RAD System with ASAP and ASAP'Sorber

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The ASAP FALL ARREST SYSTEM: For an ANSI Z359.15 compliant system, the ASAP Fall Arrestor or the ASAPLock Fall Arrestor must be used in conjunction with the OXAN TLA + CAPTIV, ASAP’SORBER 20 cm (40 cm), OXAN TLA + CAPTIV, and RAY 12 mm rope lifeline


1. ASAP Mobile fall arrester.   For complete info click here.

With its unique locking system, the ASAP sets the standard in fall protection for workers at height. In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and follows the user in all his/her movements. In case of shock or sudden acceleration, the ASAP locks on the rope and stops the user. The ASAP may also be combined with an energy absorber to work at a distance from the rope.

2. ASAP’SORBER Energy absorber 20 cm or 40 cm.  For complete info click here.

The ASAP’SORBER energy absorber connects to the ASAP mobile fall arrester to allow the user to work at a distance from the rope, in order to protect it during certain work phases. Equipped with tear-webbing inside a pouch that opens on each end, the absorber is protected from abrasion while allowing for regular inspection. It is available in two lengths, to provide the best balance between distance from the rope and reducing fall length. It is certified to U.S. and European standards.

3. OXAN High-strength oval carabiner X 2.  For complete info click here.

OXAN is a high-strength steel carabiner designed for use in difficult environments. The oval, symmetrical shape allows optimal loading of the carabiner when setting up anchors or connecting to metal structures. It has an automatic TRIACT-LOCK system. OXAN must be used with a CAPTIV bar to favor positioning of the carabiner along the major axis, to limit the risk of it flipping and to keep it integrated with the device and keeping within ANSI standards. One OXAN carabiner attaches to the bottom of the ASAP'SORBER and then to your harness, while the other carabiner is used to attach the ASAP Fall Arrester to the ASAP'SORBER.

4. CAPTIV bar x 10 pack.  For complete info click here.

Must be used with the two included OXAN carabiners in order to maintain ANSI status, the CAPTIV bar keeps the carabiners integrated with the lanyard as well as favors loading of carbiners along the major axis.

Petzl® Ray Rope Sold Separately.

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