StraightPoint Calibration Verification Tool for Colt Tensionmeter

1.1000 LBS
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In order to ensure the COLT Tension Meter's accuracy measurements are as accurate as possible, Straightpoint also supplies a calibration verification rod that is specifically designed to check the COLTS calibration accuracy.

The calibration verification checking process is quick and simple. Open the COLT app on your smart mobile device, connect to the COLT device via Bluetooth, and select ‘Cal Check' within the ‘Rope' menu section of the app. Place the COLT on a flat surface and then zero the measurement on screen. Place the 20 inch steel rod in the center of all 3 sheaves and apply the loading arm until it is full engaged with the magnetic catch. The force measurement reading should read as 3000lbs (within an accuracy range of <3%>).

If the measurement is greater than 3% difference (above 3090lbs or below 2910lbs) then you will need to contact Straightpoint and arrange for the COLT to be sent back to SP for recalibration. The process is as simple as that!

This Tool works with the Straightpoint COLT Tension Meter available by clicking here.

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