Big Bubba Rope 1-1/4 in Vehicle Recovery Rope - Gatorized


This rope is custom made for mud boggin'. Great for full-size trucks and large SUVs! Length is determined when rope is under load. 52,300 lbs MBS.

  • 100% double braided nylon rope
  • Urethane Polymer Coating
  • Commercially spliced and seized at both ends
  • Water proof, UV and abrasive resistant
  • Highest breaking strength available

Gator-ize™ is an added protection that is applied to the wear points of any size Bubba Rope®. It fts made from a high performance elastic polymer coating that looks a little like the tough skin of a alligator. Many recovery ropes or snatch ropes come with a synthetic fabric eye covering. However, when we tested those coverings we found they can actually damage your rope when used repeatedly.

Gator-ize™ will not only NOT damage your rope but will actually protect the wear points of your eyes and ultimately prolong the life of your Bubba Rope®.

Note: Since Gator-ize™ is applied before your Bubba Rope's eyes are dipped in their colored protective polymer coating, it cannot be added to an existing Bubba Rope.

***SKUs listed are for in-stock items. Other colors and lengths available by request. Please call with inquiries.***

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